The Story Behind The "Mountains" EP

In 2015, I met an incredible man with an incredible wife.

Without their story intersecting with mine, I'm not sure if Mountains would have ever come to be.

PHOTOS: #avanforjen

From conception to completion, here are some photos of the journey.

| June - October 2015 |

Where's Jen now?

It blew me away how hundreds of people came together through "A Van for Jen" to help make a difference in one family's life, and many had never even met Jen! People are awesome.

Through the Indiegogo site and off-site donations, we were able to raise $20,000. AMAZING!

That $20,000, plus the money Jen was able to raise with her friends and family, almost completely covered the initial cost of purchasing the van. Jen is still raising funds to help cover the cost of outfitting the van, but to be able to have a huge part of the cost already covered is incredible.

Jen passed her written driver's exam in September 2015, and her driving exam shortly after. Her van was ready to go home with her in January 2016, and she is now driving her van from her wheel chair!

If you'd like to make a donation to help Jen as she continues to pay off her van, you can give through her Go Fund Me site.