Cardiac Flashback EP

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01 Cardiac Flashback
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Growing up I learned to be alone
Twisted safety makes a hollow home
Standing at a door I’ve never seen before
But always sensed the flow                            

Standing at the edge
Cardiac flashback
Water made of glass
Wonder-filled whiplash

Dive in, dive in
Make wrinkles in the water
Dive in, dive in
Make wrinkles in the water

Learning how to handle heavy weather
But it seems I rarely get it right
Never said I had it all together
But I’m moving on and getting better

Standing at the edge
Of infinity
Water made of glass
And possibility

02 Not A Beggar
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I’m not begging for your attention
Be it love or adoration
We all want that connection
But first give me that honest nickel wound tension

I’ve had my share of villains come
But I will not be made the victim
I won’t be what you need to make you look at me
I am a psalm in honest grime and glory

I am not a beggar
I will make a way
Living my heart
Closed doors and stage the same
Always thankful, always thankful
When I wake

I’ll say what I need or it’s death for me
If I’m boring you there’s the door
I mean no disrespect, but that’s the truth of it
I’m not wasting my breath anymore

03 Shawshank
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Driving down ol’ 93
Cover of night hiding me
Giving me some space to take a breath

Days have been heavy
Days have long
Can’t figure what I’m doing wrong

I’ve got to break through somehow
I need to break through somehow

This is not the end

All the good liars come disguised
I’ve seen the devil in my own two eyes 

I’ve been dropped down hard to my knees
Went down like a rock to the bottom of the sea

So pick me up by my bootstraps
Tell me the truth when I don’t want to hear it
This is not the end

04 Mon Cheri
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I remember
The day you called

Unsuspecting I answered
You were done

How could I
How could you
It was nobody’s fault

I couldn’t hide it
I took the fall

Mon cheri, are you happy
Are you well
Years healed me
Did they heal you
Time will tell, mon cheri

Was it my questions
Was it too much

Forgive my affections
Forgive my love

I think about you
Now and then

Some connections once severed
Aren’t meant to mend

Echoing dial tones left alone
Foregone conclusions
Were they delusions
I’ll never know

05 Us
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Your honesty it staggered me
I had nothing to lose yet
I had nothing to lose
You loved me first and let me be
From the start there was no contest
No contest

Rivers are wild
Run on their own
When you know, you know

What took you so long
I’ve been waiting a good long while
All this time made you hidden
But you’re here now

Tell me your stories
And I’ll tell you mine
It may take a lifetime
(Yeah, that’s) Fine by me

I wonder if you thought at all
About the risk you were taking
Did it even cross your mind
That your heart could be broken
You made space for my darkness
You didn’t need a sign
You made me safe in my madness
It was heaven when we intertwined

In your brilliance
A resilience
To conjure the light
Stars living through ages inside

06 Give It Time
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Love sifted too quickly
Through your hands
You had it, you had it
You never know
When the hits comin
You lose it, you lose it

How do you survive
Empty rooms and lonely nights

Give it, give it time
Give it, give it some time

Everywhere absence
Rears its head
No mercy, no mercy
You’re playing their memory
Strong in your head
No silence, no silence