Gregory Alan Isakov did an interview in Fellow Magazine, and in it he talked about how it's anyone's guess why we like the things we like. He says this,

"It's like a beaver making a dam. He doesn't know why he's doing it, just that it's what he needs to do. But it plays into a bigger picture of the ecosystem. And the same for us too–we're just doing what we like to do. But maybe there's some kind of greater intelligence around all of it." 

What draws you? What do you like? What are you curious about? I think those things are clues about you that lead to something more. And it could be that your answer to those questions change, but I think those clues are worth following.

I hope my music helps you on the journey of following those clues. Because when each of us can tap into those clues and wherever they may lead, we become more and more our true selves ... we come alive, and that helps others come alive too.

Here’s to living a curious life,
Following clues and becoming
Fully awake and alive,