Starting Before You're Ready

I was sitting outside on the patio one morning taking a breath and starting with some quiet, and suddenly all these ideas about my next project hit me. It had been sort of out there waiting for some traction for months, and I just didn't know the heart of it yet or at least how to communicate it, so I kept putting it off, but on this particular morning, I felt in my gut I had to get something going, or this was never going to happen.

I realized I was trying to figure everything out before doing the thing, which meant I was doing nothing and staying stuck. Somewhere in my gut, I knew I had to start in some way to get the thing moving. I had to take a next step, and that next step was picking a date on the calendar to launch, which took me a good half hour to pick through lots of quick breathing and nervous laughs.

The step after that was starting a public countdown on my website and sharing it everywhere so I couldn't back out. BOOM. When I started it I had 28 days until the launch. There it was ... giant numbers for all the world to see, counting down to the launch of my next project. Thank you world wide web for social pressure and accountability.

By all logical arguments, I wasn't ready, but we're never really ready to jump into something scary or risky. We just have to start, and as we do, the thing finds its way. I didn't realize it then, but I was actually doing the thing my next project would center around, the idea of starting. I didn't discover that theme until a week later, but if I hadn't picked a date and started that count down, I'm not sure if I would have.

The only thing keeping you from starting is your next step. So, what's your next step?

Shelly RollisonComment