Andrea Lynne Watkins


Content Creation & Management
Founding Partner of Emotion Swells

1. What did or does starting look like for you?

It looks powerful.

2. How did you know you needed to start?

There was this moment when all of a sudden I gave myself permission to connect to this deep longing in my soul and I got this glimpse of who I really am.  And I wanted her.  I knew in order to love myself I needed to start.  

This quote from Michael Meade sums it up for me: “Our longings tell us that there is another half, a better half, a fuller life somewhere. We enter life full of longing; we are born to it, born of it. Each life is wrapped around longings set inside dreams wound into the fabric of our souls. We die for a lack of knowing how big our longing truly is, and we die from allowing our true longings to be diminished by the banality of life and the ways in which we continue to abandon ourselves. The problem is not that we long for something; the problem is that so much of our genuine longing for life can become lost in the fog of memories or the haze of confusion and speed of changes that now characterize the human village.” 

3. Looking back, what struggle are you most grateful for?

There are so many! And I am truly grateful for them all. But the one that cracked me open and revealed my path was my dad having a brain aneurysm rupture and having the opportunity to care for him in his most vulnerable moments. He died last November and I am so grateful for the pain because it taught me that anything that is worth anything is worth going through pain and discomfort to achieve it.

4. What’s one resource you would share with someone who is wanting to start?

Your emotions are the most powerful resource we have access to. Each emotion arises for specific reasons, and each of them brings gifts, benefits, and skills that we can’t get anywhere else. When we know why our emotions arise and how to work with them, we have the opportunity to understand ourselves and others better, and we’re able to access the intelligence and gifts our emotions bring us. 

Click here to download The Intelligence Inside Your Emotions, a short PDF resource to help you understand the genius that lives inside you.