Terry Ratzlaff


Photographer, Bookmaker

1. What did or does starting look like for you?

The start of my bookmaking looked rough.  I began with no instruction or guidance and just made them how I thought was right.  I was pretty far off. Over the months that followed, I took a more methodical approach and began to learn properly and traditionally.

2. How did you know you needed to start?

When the thought of something becomes insatiable, that's the best time to start.

3. Looking back, what struggle are you most grateful for?

The struggle for perfection.  One has to be precise when making books, down to the millimeter.  Once you realize corners cannot be cut, that's when it all starts to make sense.

4. What’s one resource you would share with someone who is wanting to start?

The resource of experience I'd say.  Passion comes from experience and starting something comes from desire.  Live it, learn it, start it.